Best Exotic Pets

November 10, 2013

Are you bored with common pets like dogs, cats and fishes? Well, then it’s time to own some exotic pets if you are a hardcore animal lover. Not many people can keep exotic pets, because the type of special care and attention they need is totally distinct from other regular pets. Starting from food habits to sleeping habits, these creatures have different requirements and require determined care and attention, which may sometimes be quiet difficult to follow. This article will give you briefing about six best exotic pets you can own.

Best Exotic Pets Capibara1. Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrchaeris)

Quiet similar to Guinea pigs, Capybara are the natives of dense forests and love to live near waters. Capybaras are vegetarians and they mainly feed on aquatic plants, grasses, fruits and tree bark. Nature wise Capybaras are very friendly and will allow humans to touch and feed them. The adult Capybara is about 1.2 meter in height and weighs about 45 kilograms.

  • Caring for Capybaras – Capybaras are not usual pets and hence you need to keep them as a pet in early childhood. They need an open space to live and should have a place to spend their time in water bodies as they are semi-aquatic animals. Feeding them with grass will suffice their nutritional needs. They live long when they are active breeders.

Best Exotic Pets sugar gliders

2. Sugar Gliders (Petaurus breviceps)

It is a small and cute omnivorous marsupial. They look like flying squirrels and are natives of several islands. They have a body length of about 16 cm and average body weight of 140 grams. They feed on wide variety of foods which include pollens, insects, lizards’ bird eggs and small birds as well.

  • Caring for Sugar Gliders – Sugar Gliders are extremely loyal when they are kept as a pet and they are very playful as well. If you want to keep these small creatures at your home, then you have to bear with the noises that these nocturnal creatures make at night. They require extreme care and attention for their survival. They are happiest when they are kept with someone of their kind and they need to be in a place where they can climb up and down the tree branches.

Best Exotic Pets Wallaby

3. Wallaby (Macropus agilis)

These are herbivorous marsupials and are miniatures of kangaroos. Wallaby eat all vegetarian food stuffs like grasses, leaves, foliage and vegetables. These creatures are native of Australia and are tree dwellers. Wallaby have an average height of 1.5 meters.

  • Caring for Wallaby – Wallabies love to hide and are very timid in nature, and hence they require a lot of open space for their survival. You need to have a good fence system so that they cannot escape (they can easily jump over and break regular fences). These animals are nocturnal and hence you have to bear their noises at the night.
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Marmoset Monkeys For Sale- How to Buy

April 15, 2014

Marmoset monkeys belong to the callitrichidae family of the primates. These monkeys are generally 20 centimetres long. They are the smallest monkeys in the world and are exceptionally cute. They have claws instead of nails and tactile hairs on the wrists. They do not have wisdom teeth and the layout of their brain is comparatively primitive. Marmoset monkeys are native to South America, but are also found in Central America as well as Mexico. These monkeys are very active and live in the upper canopy of the forest. They live in family groups consisting of 3 to 15 monkeys among which one or two are the breeding females, an unrelated male along with the offspring.


These monkeys live up to 20 years. They have highly cooperative nature that includes care for the young and sharing of foods. Marmoset monkeys feed on fruits, insects and leaves. Some species of the marmoset monkeys are specialized gum eaters. They have long incisor teeth in the lower jaw, which enables them to chew out holes in the trunks and branches of the trees to harvest the gum. The tree sap rich in carbohydrate is the favourite food for the marmoset monkeys. In captivity they feed on canned foods, fruits as well as insects or mealworms as the source of required protein. These captive marmosets also need some calcium that can be provided by giving them at least a slice of orange, thrice a week.


Marmoset Monkeys 3These cute little monkeys are excellent as pets. The small size implies that they can be kept in small cages, but it must be ensured that they get enough time outside the cage as well. The marmosets are very intelligent and need proper stimulation. They will become bored if they are confined to their cage and this will obviously affect the health and mood of the monkey. You cannot expect a monkey to be well behaved and thus must endure the “monkey acts” if you really want to have a marmoset as your pet. You must provide a play area where the monkey can climb high as it would do in the wild. Veterinary care is very much important for the marmoset monkeys.


Problems With The Marmoset Monkeys

The marmosets do not throw their poops but they hand on the side of their cage and urinate out of the cage. The urine stinks badly! This means you must be careful about proper cleaning of the cage and the places around it.

Pet marmosets are vulnerable to human diseases that spread by contact, like common cold. As the pet marmoset licks Marmoset Monkeysthe plate or spoon of the owner, a human virus may get transmitted to the monkey.

Marmosets in captivity often become territorial around the most dominant person in the family and they are likely to attack or bite other members of the owner’s family.

These monkeys become extremely aggressive and nasty when they become sexually active.

You cannot keep a marmoset monkey in complete isolation as they are extremely social animals and their health and well being will be at stake if kept isolated.

You cannot feed the marmoset monkeys simply with fruits available in the market. They need protein supplement that is to be provided through insects or mealworms.


Where To Buy?

It is legal to keep marmoset monkeys and thus they are available in pet stores. The pet stores do not always have the stock, but they arrange when ordered. Maintaining a running stock is not possible for the pet shops as these monkeys cannot be kept waitingMarmoset Monkeys 2 in the store racks for the willing owner. Individual breeders are the best ones to buy from. They are experienced people and thus can guide the owner accurately. The individual owners keep the record for the parentage of the animal and thus you can be sure about the basic nature as well as genetic alignment of the monkey. Online stores like, and sell marmoset monkeys. The individual breeders often display their stock through these sites and thus choosing becomes easy. The pictures and other necessary details about the marmosets like the age, species etc. are also available in these sites.


What Is The Cost?

The price for marmoset monkeys varies from $3500 to $1800. The size, sex and colour of the monkeys are the basis of the variations. For example, when the cost for a male is $3500 the female will cost $4000, simply because a female will give birth to babies in future.

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Big Cats For Sale in Illinois

March 12, 2014

Silver Bengal Kittens1.Silver Bengal Kittens

Price: $1,000

Two silver Bengal kittens ready for their forever homes. They come with up-to-date shots, vet check, and are TICA registered. They are sociable and loving. They are raised in a home under foot with the owner’s children and dogs.

2. Silver Bengal Kittens

Price: $1,000

Two boys born on October 11, 2013 to a Silver girl Fox Creek Artemis, ready for their forever home now. They come with 2 sets of shots, vet checked, and are very sociable. They are raised in a home with the owner’s children and grandchildren along with their 2 big dogs.

CFA Exotic Short Hair Female3. CFA Exotic Short Hair Female 12 Weeks

Price: $800

Little female available to pet home only. Very nice type with excellent personality.

Sphynx Kittens4. Sphynx Kittens

Price: $1,000

Blue and white male, and Blue Mink femaile. They have been vaccinated and Altered (spayed and neutered). For pick up in person. They are TICA registered.

Savannah Kittens5. Savannah Kittens

Price: $600

The cats are raised in a large home and socialize with the owner’s children. They can be hand-delivered anywhere in the USA and Canada. International shipping is also available. Offer includes a guarantee and lifetime support from, a TICA registered professional cattery located on the Iowa and Illinois border.

Male Cream Sphynx Cat6. Male Cream Sphynx Cat

Price: $850

Its medical records are available and the owner will be happy to send them to anyone interested in him.

Veterinary information:

  • Will be tested for FeLV, FIV, and heartworms
  • Will be dewormed for roundworms and hookworms
  • Will be vaccinated for RCP, rhinotracheitis, and panleukopenia (both boosters completed).

7. Male Seal Point Sphynx

Male Seal Point Sphynx

Price: $850

Its medical records are available and the owner will be happy to send them to anyone interested in him.

Veterinary information:

  • Will be tested for FeLV, FIV, and heartworms
  • Will be dewormed for roundworms and hookworms
  • Will be vaccinated for RCP, rhinotracheitis, and panleukopenia (both boosters completed).

Bengal Kittens 28. Bengal Kittens

Price: N/A

Owner is taking deposits on TICA registered Bengal kittens: 4 female and 1 male spotted. They will be ready at the end of February. They are all snow carriers. Contact the owner for pricing.

Bengal Male and Female9. Bengal Male and Female

Price: $250

He is a proven breeder. He is not papered but he is a purebred. Two females: one marble and one marble and rosette. They are very good mama cats. Kittens are not available.

10. Brown Tabby and White Female

Brown Tabby and White Female

Price: $800 (negotiable)

They are CFA registered with champion/grand champion bloodlines. They are well-socialized and have excellent temperament. Currently, 5 beautiful Persian babies are available. Age: 13 weeks.  They come with age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings, and a written health guarantee.

F3 Bengal Boy11. F3 Bengal Boy

Price: $900

Will be ready on June 8, 2013. Age: 40 weeks. He is a high percent almost 20 of ALC and very sociable. All health and vaccination records and TICA document are available.

F6 Boy Number 412. F6 Boy Number 4

Price: $600

Breed: Savannah Kittens. Beautiful boy, ready to go. Very nice spots and ears. Age: 33 weeks. Vaccination and TICA papers are available.

F6 Boy Number 113. F6 Boy Number 1


Price: $600

Breed: Savannah Kittens. Beautiful boy, ready to go. Very nice spots and ears. Age: 33 weeks. Vaccination and TICA papers are available.

F3 Savannah Gorgeous Boy14. F3 Savannah Gorgeous Boy

Price: $3,000

This boy was born on 08/03/2013 and is ready to go. He has very nice dark spots, lean long body, and big ears. He is a very sweet baby. He comes with vaccination and TICA papers.


American Bobtail Kitten15. American Bobtail Kitten

Price: $600

The kitten is 4 months old and CFA registered. Her color is Brown Classic Tabby. She comes with a health guarantee, UTD vaccinations and deworming.  She has already been spayed and would love a forever home.




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Big Cats For Sale in Missouri

March 7, 2014

Spunky Ragdoll Kitten1. Spunky Ragdoll Kitten

Price: $600

Seal Point ragdoll kitten, loving and playful, very fluffy, and looking forward to its new forever home. Age: 40 weeks. At least one vaccination, dewormed, altered, socialized, 2-year health guarantee.


Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

2. Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

Price: $600

TICA registered boy, Champion bloodlines. Age 43 weeks. Very fluffy and soon will be looking forward to going to its new forever home. At least one vaccination, dewormed, altered, socialized, 2-year health guarantee.


Peterbald Kittens3. Peterbald Kittens

Price: $1,000

Beautiful Peterbald kittens available now. Age 47 weeks. Price of each kitten includes full vet approval spay or neuter, health certificate, airfare sky kennel, baby supplies, TICA registration pedigree. Retired adults are also available.


Maine Coon Kittens4. Maine Coon Kittens

Price: $400

Beautiful playful males, one black and white, and one silver classic Tabby with white.  Age: 289 weeks. CFA registered and vet checked.




CFA Sphynx Kittens

5. CFA Sphynx Kittens

Price: $800

Two upcoming litters: the first is out of blue-eyed tortie white mom/blue dad, and the second is out of Ch blue white van bred to bluemink/white dad.  Price of males from $800 to $1,000; females from $1,000 to $1,500.


Foldex6. Foldex

Price: $750

5-month old Cream Tabby Foldex Male. Very long hair, flat face, and folded ears. Breed: Scottish Fold.


Persian Kittens7. Persian Kittens

Price: $600

CFA registered, raised in the home with children, dogs, and other cats. All kitten shots, dewormed, and well-socialized. Ready to go for their forever family. These adorable little girls have personality plus.


Egyptian Mau Kittens8. Egyptian Mau Kittens

Price: $750

Stunning silver male Egyptian Mau kittens, CFA registered with an excellent pedigree. Crystal clear silver with dark pewter spots. Excellent ear set and wonderful head shape. Nice gooseberry green eyes.


9. Bengal KittensBengal Kittens


Price: $500

A couple of TICA registered Bengal kittens, with clear spotting and nice body type. They are home-raised and of very high quality. They come with health guarantee against genetic diseases and are sold on a spay/neuter contract.


10. Exotic Shorthair KittenExotic Shorthair Kitten


Price: $600

Beautiful, healthy, playful, all white kitten. Extreme face. Male, born 10-3-12 ready to go at 12 weeks, out of champion lines.


Hairless Sphynx Kittens11. Hairless Sphynx Kittens


Very hairless sphynx kittens, various colors, various prices. Some as low as $800, and some up to $1,200. CFA registered from a responsible CFA Cattery.


Cats For Sale12. Cats For Sale


Price: $500 or Best Offer

6 healthy cats that are very beautiful and with different colors. Age between 8 to 9 months. Selling cats to raise money for medication needed due to ill-health.


Scottish Folds13. Scottish Folds

Price: $1,500

They have amazingly curly coats, adorable bob tails, big soft polydactyl toes and simply charming personalities. They share the same facial and body structure as the breed standard Scottish Folds. Eye colors are blue, green, copper, and occasionally bi-eyes.


White Persian Kitten14. White Persian Kitten

Price: $950

He has beautiful copper eyes and has white silky coat. He is up to date on his shots. Born 8-26-13.


Cashmere White Persian Female15. Cashmere White Persian Female

Price: $2,500

She is one of the sweetest kittens you have ever seen. She is ready for her new home any time. She is current on all her vaccinations and she comes with a 1-year full written health guarantee.


Persian Kittens 216. Persian Kittens

Price: $850

Both kittens are blue/white and come from the same litter. Born on April 23, 2013. They are up to date on vaccinations and are dewormed. They come from a litter of 3. All boys. They are just precious, and they just love to be held.


Maine Coon Kittens 217. Maine Coon Kittens

Price: $1,000

They are extra special. 2 blacks, 1 red and white, and 1 red cameo. Friendly, sweet, and will melt your heart.


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Skunks for Sale

March 1, 2014

Skunks 6While buying Skunks and keeping them as domestic animals are considered as illegal and unethical, some pet lovers have yet made efforts to possess one. Skunks or pole cats are one of the most interesting exotic pets to keep and are quiet an unusual choice. Skunks are mammals that are known for secreting a very pungent odor (however, the secreting glands are removed in domestic skunks). They belong to the Mephitidae family and are omnivorous in their eating habits, that is, they feed on both plants and animals.

Types of Skunks

Skunks closely resemble the Mustelids (which includes weasels, ferrets, badgers, otters and others). There are 12 species of skunks each having a difference in general physical appearance and habits.  The species are further divided into four genera:-

  • The Mephitis – Two species comes under this category. These skunks are hooded and have stripes all over their body.

           Skunks 2 (i) Hooded Skunk (or Mephitis Macroura) – Animals of this genera have a very long tail and it has a white hood with a black body and a thin white band on its head which gives its trivial name – the hooded skunk. They are native of Mexico and are found in deserts, grasslands and foothills. They mainly feed on fruits (like pears), bird eggs, insects and small vertebrates.

            (ii) Striped Skunk (or Mephitis mephitis) – These skunks are black in color with two stripes on each side of the body which further join at the nape. They have a shorter tail and the fattest amongst all other skunks. These are the skunks which are mostly chosen as pets in North America. They feed on berries, mice, eggs and insects.

  • The Mydaus – only two species comes under this category. These skunks are also called as stink badgers.

            (i) Sunda stink badger (or Mydaus javanensis) – They have a black or dark brown coarse fur on their body and are little shorter than badgers. They are native to Indonesia and mostly feed on carrions, eggs and invertebrates.

            (ii) Palawan stink badger (or Mydaus marchei) – They have a powerful pungent smell and resemble badgers. These distant relative of skunks are native of Philippines and the fur is dark brown to black in color. They feed on insects, crabs and other invertebrates.          

  • Skunks 3The Spilogale – four species comes under this category. They are also known as the spotted skunks.

            (i) Southern spotted skunks (or Spilogale angustifrons) – These skunks are found in Mexico and various other regions in US. They have a striped body and they mainly feed on insects and other plant and animal materials.

            (ii) Western spotted skunks (or Spilogale gracilis) – These skunks are found in North America. They have alternative longitudinal black and white stripes all over their body. They live in mix habitats and feed on insects, bird eggs and small invertebrates.

            (iii) Eastern spotted skunks (or Spilogale putorius) – They have dense black fur with white stripes and are spread all over North America and Canada. They have an aposematic fur pattern and have an immense spraying potential. These skunks feed mainly on eggs.

            (iv) Pygmy spotted skunks (or Spilogale pygmae) – These species are found in Mexico and prefer to live in burrows and dens. They have a thin body with black fur containing white spots all over their body. They feed on berries, eggs, reptiles, birds, insects and mammals.

  • The Conepatus – Four species comes under this category and these are also known as hog-nosed skunks.

            (i) Molina’s hog-nosed skunk (or Conepatus chinga) – These skunks are found in South America and are native of the Pampas biome. They feed on small birds, insects, eggs and other invertebrates. They even have resistance to viper venom.

            (ii) Humboldt’s hog- nosed skunks (or Conepatus humboldtii) – These are native of grassy areas like Argentina. They have stripes on their body that extend up to the tails. They are primarily insectivorous, however, they also eat several mammals and birds.

            (iii) American hog -nosed skunks (or Conepatus leuconotus) – They are also known as rooter skunk as they have the ability to turn up debris, soils and rocks. They are the native of tropical areas in North America and like other skunks they too feed on plants, birds, mammals and insects. Some of the species from this genus are extinct.

            (iv) Striped hog- nosed skunks (or Conepatus semistriatus) – They belong to Central and South America and are inhabitants of rocky areas. They are nocturnal and feed mainly on vertebrates, invertebrates and insects.

How to Take Care of Skunks?

Skunks love to be comfortable, so make sure, wherever they built their nest or you make home for them, you should provide them with

  • A cage (of at least 112 X 59 cm), bed, water jug and a litter tray which you can swipe away and clean easily.
  • Use disinfectants to clean the skunk cage and periphery and also to remove the skunk’s natural odor. Use may use hydrogen peroxide, Trigene and formula H for removal of odors and infection causing organisms.
  • You should make sure that your skunks do plenty of exercise in order to keep them healthy and live long. They should not be kept caged all day. You should provide them with toys. Make sure they play well and of course, you should take prior measures so that your skunks don’t run away.
  • You should comb there fur with slicker brush and they should be bathed everyday using mild shampoo and make sure that there nails get trimmed every month.
  • It is recommended that you insert a microchip in their shoulders by a professional vet as skunks are misplaced more often and you can recover them easily using this tool.
  • Skunks should be fed in right quantity depending on the age of skunks :-
    • For protein – eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, insects, crickets, worms
    • For Calcium – yoghurt, crushed egg shell (dairy products may cause them diarrhea)
    • Fruits and Vegetables – Radish, beans, tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli, sprouts, turnips, raspberries, pears, apples etc…
    • For Vitamins and minerals – Calcium supplements, probiotics, SF50 powder.

Behavior of Skunks

Skunks 4Skunks are solitary creatures unless they are breeding. However, in colder areas they generally form a group. Skunks hibernate completely in winters. They usually make nests of their own that are generally built in warmer and darker areas. They also tend to hide in garbage so they may find their way to garbage areas and basements. 

Where to Buy

Skunks can be bought from individuals, retailers or online. Online sites that sell/ give adoption services for skunks are:-

 (Contact the seller through E-mail –

You may also contact individual skunk owners who are willing to sell their pet –

Skunks 5Beware! You should be licensed to have skunks as pets (must possess at least a class III permit).


The cost of skunk varies from site to site and individual to individual. Individuals generally sell their skunks within a range of $200 to $350 whereas online sites, pet shops and adoption services sell skunks ranging from $175 to $550. It is always recommended that you buy pets from trusted pet shops and those who are willing to give after sale services.

Keeping skunks as pets is not an easy task as it seems. They are messy, sometimes arrogant yet a lovely and playful thing in your home. Skunks are illegal to keep (unless you are permitted by the government to do so), however, you if are an animal lover and are willing to give them the best home, love, care and affection then surely you deserve the skunks. 

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Best Exotic Pets

February 23, 2014

What Are Exotic Pets?

bobcats 8An exotic pet is actually a rare or unusual animal that is kept as a pet within domestic households and which is generally thought of as a wild species that is not typically kept as a pet.

In general the definition of an exotic pet is an evolving one. Some reptiles, rodents as well as amphibians have become enough established in the world of animal fancy that they are no longer considered as exotic. On the other hand, sometimes a unique or weird looking pet is also termed as exotic pet.

To be specific, the word ‘exotic’ refers to such a species which is not native to the owner’s country.

Legally this definition is subject to local administration’s jurisdiction. As it is defined federally in the United States of America, any animal that is native to a different country and is not native to the United States of America or have been introduced from abroad can be termed as ‘exotic’, but the term ‘pet’ always excludes exotic animals as well as wild animals.

From the commercial point of view, many of the major pet stores as well as service providers ( for example: online retailers or veterinary insurance carriers ), prefer to classify any animals other than birds, fishes, cats or dogs as ‘exotic’. Many veterinary doctors consider small animals like hamsters and fancy rats to be ‘exotic’ because of the lack of the medical expertise in such species.

Why Keep Exotic Pets?

Tigers 5Almost all animals are actually wonderful companions that can be kept as pets as they give us the most precious gift of unconditional love which cannot be compared to anything else in this world. Keeping common animals as pets is a common thing. There are many people who like to have exotic animals and birds as pets, rather than keeping any normal domestic species.

There could be several reasons for such choices. It is quite possible that they really love the particular exotic creature and thus want to own one of them as well as take care of the animal. It is also seen that some people want to have an exotic pet just to show off their status, as this tendency of keeping exotic pets is considered to be a status symbol to many people. In general, exotic animals and pets are domesticated either for having fun or to show off as a status symbol.

As said earlier, exotic pets are those creatures which are considered rather unusual to be kept as pets. The list of exotic pets includes various species of reptiles, birds, rodents etc. there are some exotic pets which are not considered to be truly wild in nature. Such animals can be trained to have a domestic life and can become very good pets. The exotic animals which are kept as pets need proper diet as well as care, which will enable them to have a healthy life. Many exotic pets are known to have shared a beautiful relationship with humans. But this may not happen always. When we say this, it can thus be said that it is best to allow an animal to thrive in its own natural environment.

The Legal Perspective

There are several issues that pertain to the domestication of exotic animals. For example, there are some laws in action which do not allow the sale or export of such animals which are considered to be endangered or threatened and also those which are listed as priority animals. Such laws are enforced to prevent the sale of such animals all around the world. But it is seen that these laws are not properly executed that result in suffering of the animals when they are transported or smuggled.

bigger unique cats 9The convention regarding the international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna which is well known as Cites have moderated the trade of some of the exotic animals that can be kept as pets in order to prevent any threat to their survival as well as ecological damage. For example, it is illegal in the United States of America to import non human primates for the purpose of pet trade, although a well flourished breeding industry of these non human primates exist in the country.

‘The Best’ Of the Exotic Pets

Among many animals that can be termed as exotic and as kept as pets, there are some animals which prove to be more popular as well as safe to be kept as pets. Animals like deer, flying squirrels, hares, tortoises, kangaroos, opossums, ring-tailed cats, savannah cats, sugar gliders, skunks, tame red and silver foxes, yaks and zebras are quite good to be kept as exotic pets. Some people keep various insects as pets, because keeping insects do not fall under any legal issue.

bobcats 6The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the insect must not be something harmful. Keeping the case of insects in mind, it is seen that some weird insects have made a place in the top lists in the choice of exotic pets. According to ‘Animal Planet’ the recent top ten exotic pets list is headed by the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, followed by skunk, wallaby, sugar gliders, potbellied pig, pygmy goat, hedgehogs, miniature donkey, stick insect and capybara.

The final choice is obviously made by the owner and it varies depending on the purpose of keeping an exotic pet as well as the personal choice of animal genera.  It is obvious that a person who is afraid of insects will choose Madagascar Hissing Cockroach to be his or her pet, however high this creature stand in the top ten lists.

Where To Buy                    

As most of the exotic animals that are kept as pets fall under the illegal list, it is hard to find out individuals who deal in buying or selling of the animals. The pet stored do not display them, but it is true that such animals are available in the market and there is a good business running on them. There are several online stores that buy and sell such animals, but Tigers 8being online they are not able to deal in those that are highly illegal.


The price for exotic pets depends totally on the nature of the pet and its availability. Exotic cats as lions, tigers or bobcats can cost as much as $1,500 to $ 2,000, when purchased as kittens. Cost of birds like parakeet is something about $20, cocktail $50 to $ 80, lovebird $50 to $75, sulphur crested cockatoo $700 to $ 1,200 and so on. Not only the initial cost of the animal matters, the most important is the recurring cost that is needed to maintain the pet. 

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Big cats for sale in Florida

February 19, 2014

bobcats 10Big Cat on sale is quite a well-known key word. Observe the adjective, “Big”. Individuals are searching for the big. This point to that a reasonable numbers of individuals look to buy a big cat (I think to keep them as some kind of pet). The people must be very wealthy and they should have huge area and know a lot about maintaining big cats (including the law) because if they’re not they are in for a surprise and it will probably cause to providing the cat to a place where they can feel comfort and can move within a large space. If there is a requirement for big cats, some companies will provide them. Some providers are not so much careful. Careless customers nourish the industry and are, in aspect, accountable for the reproduction and loss of lifestyle, after a brief and maybe repulsive lifestyle of an excellent pet.

What should you have a Big Cat

The individual who operates and controls Big Cat on sale in Florida has come to comprehend eventually the real and only way to stay with big cats and indeed any crazy creature. And for me, it is wise to allow them to move in their own area (and crazy big kitties need a lot of area, more than we can now serve for them), their own way of life, to allow them to Tigers 4get their right to respected by us and supporting this is their right which is to be well known by us and to allow them according to their right. All of this can only be obtained through knowledge at both a powerful as well as particular level. At the more powerful level we need to gather knowledge about the big cat. There is high point of superiority as well as lack of knowledge about the cat. We cannot do what we wish. We cannot do as we think because we stay with other individuals. The guidelines make sure that we are living with the perfect balance with other creatures and they are ample. There are far less guidelines informing us how to stay with wildlife. Consequently we are motivated by our own self attention and low level of motivation. This goes unrestrained and the big cats are suffering from that. In many areas of the Florida, people are definitely motivated to adopt a big cat. Population growth is increasing day by day and little is done to deal with this. Environment reduction is the greatest risk to big kitties and wildlife. The authorities of Florida have taken some necessary steps to take care of the big cats.

General nature of Big Cat which are on sale in Florida

bigger unique cats 6People definitely or passively allow the constant extermination of big cats leaving individuals distanced from them and distanced characteristics usually. This motivates the industry in big cats and individuals looking for unique big cats available in the industry. It is very odd and critical. We don’t know how to take of the creatures we like. We also need to update ourselves about the lifestyles and fatalities of the wild big kitties. All are vulnerable, some seriously. The picture provided by the zoos and conservationists is I believe deceiving. We are going towards the scenario where there will no big crazy kitties. Anyways, switching to the topic of this article – Big Cats in sale in Florida, I am sure the guidance of the real professionals (people who know big kitties and how to take proper care of them at the same time), will successfully say quit looking for Exotic Big Cats for Selling. For my aspect this should implement to everyone such as zoos (looking lengthy term). Many zoos or supplies keep big kitties for professional factors (i.e. profit). There is little in the way of efficiency going on (but some do great perform in choosing up the species). Have a look at the well-known White-colored Siberian Cat for example. The white color is seen due to a recessive mutate gene. To develop this gene’s existence noticeable in a white body, inbreeding has to occur Inbreeding gives us the white bobcats 2competition in captivity but a variety of lions are created with inherited problems consequently. We don’t see these creatures do we? Big cat is just the comfortable and the wonderful pet. What we see is not what it truly is.

The common agreement is it is risky to be unsecured in the same circumstances as a big cat. But (and this is depending on a layperson’s observations) it would seem that if a big cat is brought up by a individual the cat will keep in mind that individual and stay helpful towards him/her. Little sized kitties such as the Cheetah (the wild big cat) have definitely confirmed the capable to be helpful with people of Florida. In Florida, people are interested in getting a big cat as their favorite pet. Big cat is helpful in many angles. Before owning one, surf the websites to get proper information.

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Big cats for sale USA

February 13, 2014

Tigers-7If you are considering it might be really awesome to have a big cat as your pet, take a few moments to consider the expenses.  But first check the slide show to see what it point to to the cat.  Most individuals think the price of the cat is the huge cost, but it is just the starting.

Varieties and weights:

We have more than hundred cats comprising sixteen varieties and eleven decades of encounter in looking after for them so our reports can be reliable as fairly précised, if not traditional.  It is less expensive by the lbs for us to buy 17,000 lbs of various meats at some point than for you to purchase a week’s rate for one cat.  Many people have already done it for less, but the cat is affected with absence or real and mental incapacity due to deficiency of area and probability to be a cat.  If you think these numbers are great, just try and see how large your healthcare and following expenses will be. Unique big cats come in price from a 900.00 USD Bobcat to 2500.00 USD price range in USA.  Most of the mid size cats, like Servals and Caracals price between $1500.00 to $2200.00 and Ocelots can be found within $15,000.00 in USA.  The rarer the cat is, the greater the price will be. Even though it may be a lovely and lovable cub now, within the season it will achieve almost its full-sized and will be treating (no issue how younger you neuter him or spay her) so you must have some factors prepared when the cat comes to house.

bigger unique cats 3How to manage them:

You will have to have a Pet medical practitioner on contact who has already decided to manage your crazy big cat.  There are not many people with the experience and less still who will want to cope with the responsibility of having their staffs showing to your big cat, in addition to their frequent customers.  You will have to have a stainless-steel press crate that is able of having your cat at its max bodyweight.  One of the tiger is 800 lbs and is twelve feet from nasal area to tip of end.  A little press crate will take 250.00 USD and you could quickly invest 2000.00 dollar for one big enough for a leopard or lion.  You will need a fork lift to shift the big cat and they lease for $300.00 per day with an owner.  Even the company investigates who do nothing but looking after your kitties, and have done ours for many decades, will not carry a big cat into their workplace unless it is already limited to the press crate. How will you transportation your cat to the vet for all of it’s annually vaccines, examinations and boo boos?  Even a little cat, in its press crate is not going to fit into your lightweight car.  You will need a van and it has to be in tip top form because being trapped on the part of the street in the center of nowhere, or more intense yet, visitors, with a flipped out crazy cat in the warm, rainfall or snowfall is a headache of  excessive percentage.  Been there, done that, and purchased the $28,000.00 van to keep it from ever occurring again.  If you are working in little to mid dimension kitties you may discover a reliable minivan for $15,000.00.  You cannot depend on credit of one because believe me, when a big cat requires urgent vet therapy it is always at the most undesirable periods.

Costs for getting a big cat:

bobcats 3Most of the customers in USA have crate specifications of different sizes.  In some states, you must have no less than 5 miles if you want to own a big cat. A lot of non-urban locations near you may be as low as 10,000.00 USD per acre.  Most of the states and government recommendations need then that you have an 8 feet border barrier which on 5 miles can quickly run $8000.00.  You are prohibited to use this outside walls as any aspect of your crate, so your crate will be another $2500.00 for a little to mid dimension cat, like a lynx to $7500.00 for a lion, leopard, or competition. You will need a ceiling to avoid runs away so consider in your style how you will assistance it.  These are just your first season, starting expenses.  You will never be able to shift with your big cat because the Attentive Crazy animals Protection Act prevent shifting big unique pet kitties across condition collections.  Many modern states in USA are prohibiting the exercise of maintaining wild kitties captive and you could be making an investment lots of money and then when your pet passes away you cannot buy another one.

Some expenses keep reoccurring every season.  Excellent meals and organic vitamins for a mid dimension cat will run you $730.00 per season and for a big cat nearer to $2000.00 per season.  You have to be able to thaw it for them every day and 15 lbs of blood loss from various meats in your kitchen every day which is a threat to wellness for you and your pet.  If your cat just gets its annual photos and does not need any urgent special care, your vet invoice will be about 127.00 USD to 250.00 USD based on the length and height of the cat.  They have to be vaccinated every season for rabies and all the frequent cat illnesses.  Worming your cat each 30 days, if you do it yourself will price $45.00 to $60.00 and flea protection expenses 120.00 to 250.00 USD per season per cat based on the size of the cat.  You will have to understand a new technique each 30 days for ticks and worming as the kitties which will be able to smell you arriving from a distance. Even if you brought up them with all of the really like and caring that their organic mom would offer (and she Tigers 3would die to secure them) they will not experience really like, nor regard for you as the mother or father when they are adult.  Tell them that you are competitors and that their success relies on them being individual.

All crazy big cats, neutered or not, female or male, will apply pail lots of pee all over everything they wish to declare as theirs (including you) because this is how characteristics has trained them to secure area. To sum it all up, you can anticipate getting almost $22,000.00 in your first season into having a little to mid dimension crazy cat and your yearly costs will price you around $2300.00.  If you want the big cat encounter, the set up price is over 94,000.00 USD and the yearly proper care costs over 8000.00 USD, if you have no emergency situations and no one gets harm and forces you for huge amount of money.  Everything has a price and this is the price of doing right with the creature.  Are you ready for this? If you are ready for getting a big cat as your pet, check out the pet shops of USA and you will find some online outlet which are providing very good service now.

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Big Cats For Sale in Ohio

February 9, 2014

Adorable Savannah Kittens1. Adorable Savannah Kittens Available

Price: From $1,000-$3,500

The Safari Cattery has a wide selection of Savannah kittens to fit your price range. They have F3’s, F5’s, and F6’s. The Safari Cattery is a TICA registered cattery that is checked by a vet annually.

Gorgeous Savanah Kittens F6’s2. Gorgeous Savanah Kittens F6’s

Price: Pet -$700; Breeder-$1,500

Three females and one male are available. The male is grey and white. One female is marbled black and the other is grey and white. Born on Oct 1, 2013, they are very playful and have lots of energy. They all love to snuggle in bed or on owner’s lap. They are in good health and will have shots and dewormed on pick-up date.

Exotic looking, 3/4ragdoll and ¼ highland lynx3. Exotic looking, 3/4ragdoll and ¼ highland lynx

Price: $550

This exotic ragdoll has big polydactile feet and a bobbed tail. She will come with shots and worming that is appropriate for her age.

Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kittens4. Blue Mitted Ragdoll Kittens

Price: 300 each or 2 for $500

There are two ragdoll kittens available, both male, one is blue mitted and the other is a flame point. The kittens will come with shots and worming according to age.

Adorable Bengal Kittens5. Adorable Bengal Kittens

Price: $300

Three stunning gorgeous rosette Bengal kittens are available. They are 13 weeks old with beautiful markings and amazing contrast. They are exotic looking mini leopards with great dog like personalities. They are raised in a friendly home environment. The father is a very large rosette male.

Bengal Cats and kittens6. Bengal Cats and kittens available

Price: $600

Stunning, show-quality young adults are available for social, loving Pet homes. All cats and kittens are TICA registered and come with congenital and genetic guarantee. They are raised in home with other breeds, dogs, and children.

Siberian Forest Cats-Kittens7. Siberian Forest Cats-Kittens

Price: $950

Cold Spring Siberians, a federal and state registered small in-home cattery has 2 male kittens looking for their forever homes. The kittens were born on 6/23/13 and will be ready to go to their new homes around September 23, 2013. Both kittens are black and while male, wonderfully socialized and would be a great addition to any home.

8. Kiki Ragdolls For Sale

Kiki Ragdolls For SalePrice: Pet price starts at $750; Breeder price starts at $1,500

Our cats and kittens are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to purchase one of our kittens, you will be required a non-refundable $200 deposit for a pet and/or $300 for a breeder which will be applied to the balance.

Kittens from this cattery come to you healthy and are dewormed and given age appropriate vaccinations. They are also registered with TICA. Upon delivery, you will also get a written contract and two year genetic guarantee, care instructions, and a kitten care packet to start you off.

Cold-Spring-Siberian-Forest-Cats9. Cold Spring Siberian Forest Cats

Price: $950 for males; $1050 for females; plus 10% Kentucky sales tax.

Your cat comes spayed and neutered with a 2 year genetic health guarantee, kitten shots and veterinarian treatments/evaluations up to date and papers to register the kitten with CFA and TICA.

Persian Kittens10. Persian Kittens

Price: $1,200

Gorgeous shaded silver Persian kittens: 1 boy and 1 girl are available. They are born from Grand Champion blood lines. All of them are CFA registered. They are dewormed and are given their first round of vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. They are litter trained before they go to their new families

Himalayan Persian Kitten11. Himalayan Persian Kitten

Price: $1,800

They are born from Grand Champion and Champion lines. All parents are tested for, and have certifications of being negative of PKD DNA. FeLV/FIV ringworm free, and CFA registered. Everyday they have been held, played with, and socialized with adults and children.

Garfiel Kittens (Persian)12. Garfiel Kittens (Persian)

Price: $600

Beautiful purebred Persian kitten, 1 cute orange boy, looks like Garfield. Born September 27, 2013. He’s had first shot and has been dewormed twice. The price has been reduced from $800, so it is fixed price.

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Big Cats for Sale in Pakistan

February 4, 2014

bigger unique cats 4What are Big Cats?

The term “big cat”, is not a biological classification but is used informally to distinguish the larger members of the cat family from the smaller ones. One of the definitions of the “big cat” includes the four members of the genus panther: the tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard. The members of this particular genus are the only ones who are able to roar. This ability to roar depends on an elongated as well as specially adapted larynx and hyoid apparatus. The more extended definition of “big cat” includes the cougar, Eurasian lynx, cheetah, clouded leopard as well as snow leopard (although the cheetah and snow leopard cannot roar).All cats are carnivores and they are all efficient apex predators.


The problems faced by “big cats”:

The main threats to the ‘big cats’ vary in accordance with the geographical location, but primarily, the destruction of habitat and poaching are the leading ones. Poachers not only kill these extraordinary animals they also catch them alive in order to meet the growing demand of keeping these animals as pets. All commercial trade related to tigers and their parts are banned since the year 1987, under a Convention that was made for International trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which is also well-known as Cite. Tigers are also enlisted as an appendix I species, which means, it is an animal threatened with extinction.

Not only the matter of being enlisted in the Appendix I species, it is very dangerous to keep these ‘ big cats ‘ as pets, simply because they are wild carnivores and can harm the owner.

But there are people who are in love with the activities that challenge the primary rules of nature. They perhaps believe in the saying that” nothing is impossible “ and in the case of keeping ‘big cats’ as pets, they find out some ways that ensure the keeping of such pets become legal and at the same time safe. The keeper of big cats can obtain a certificate that helps them to continue with this hobby.


The various big cats available in Pakistan include tiger, cheetah, Bengal cats and lions.

Tigers 9The tiger is the largest and heaviest among all cat species. They can weigh up to 306 kilo grams ( 670 lb ).

The lion is the tallest of all big cats. Males can weigh up to 250 kilo grams ( 550 lb ).

The jaguar is the only big cat of ‘panthera’ species that is found in the Americas. This particular big cat resembles the leopard closely with respect to physical appearance, although the jaguars are larger and possess sturdy body as compared to leopards.

The leopard is the smallest among big cats and has different habits and physical appearance.

The cheetah is a big cat that is highly appreciated as pets. They can run faster than any other land animal. Poaching, live capturing and destruction of habitat have resulted in complete extinction of the ‘Indian cheetah’.

Bengal catThe big cat market in Pakistan also include a breed of cat called ‘Bengal cat’, which is not actually a big cat but possess a desirable “wild” appearance with large spots, rosettes and light or almost white belly.


Where to buy?

Despite countless warnings given by the experts and the legal issues that are implemented to stop buying and selling of big cats in Pakistan, the market of these big cats seem to flourish as they have demands not only from the sub continent but from western countries as well. It will not be a very tough job to get to some individuals who sell the big cats. These individuals do not always show up officially, rendering to the fact that buying and selling of the big cats is not legal and is punishable by law in Pakistan. Other than showing themselves up officially, they provide all the other facilities that the desiring buyer wants. Such facilities include necessary paperwork and documentation, which is very much like a passport for the animal and the assurance to hand over the animal in right time.

Other than the individuals, the shops in the pet market do pretty profitable business in big cats. They do not try to be so over confident to display the big cats in their shops, but anyone willing to purchase one of these big cats can easily approach the shop owner and discuss about buying one.

bobcatsThe easiest way is to visit the online stores. Yes, you read absolutely correct! Online stores are the places where you can buy or sell big cats. The question of legalization must be hammering in your head. For this, you must remember one of the facts that there is provision in law for having a necessary certificate that enables someone to breed the big cats and trade with them. So, the online thing is legal!

The online stores like,, etc. are the ones where you can peep into to fulfil the desire of owning a big cat of your own. In these sites you will get all details about the animals that you wish to buy, the seller, necessary documentation, price and many more. People who deal in big cat post their offers, most of the times along with the pictures as well as details about the animals like age, colour, nature etc. In most of the cases it is seen that babies of the big cats are being sold in Pakistan. This is to be noticed not only in Pakistan, but all over the world because the big cats those are to be kept as pets need to be tamed from the cub stage.



bobcats 5The price for the big cats varies largely with respect to time, demand as well as availability. The price may vary between PKR 1, 25,000 to PKR 1, 60,000 (approximately $ 1200 to $1500) or even higher for cubs of cheetah. Cubs of Bengal tigers are available for PKR 1, 60,000 to PKR 2, 10,000 (approximately $1500 to $2000). The rare among tigers, i.e. white tigers or Siberian tiger cubs may cost up to PKR 3,20,000 ( approximately $3000 ). Lion cubs cost almost same at cheetah and tiger cubs. The Bengal cats (both adult and kittens) are available at price that varies from PKR 55,000 to PKR 1, 10,000 (approximately $500 to $1000) depending on the colour and spots of the animal.

When you get to know the price and availability and you have the capacity to afford and real passion for these big cats, you can go ahead to have one!

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Finding Big Cats for Sale

January 28, 2014

bigger unique cats 5You may be wondering what ‘big cats’ mean? Well big cats are not domestic cats that are bigger in size but they are the cats which belong to higher species of the cat or felidae family. Big cats include species from Panthera, such as, Cheetah, Cougar, Leopard, Jaguar, Lion, Eurasian lynx, bobcats, servals, clouded leopard and snow leopard. Many such big cats are amongst the threatened/ endangered species and hence they are not permitted to be kept as pets. Only well trained professionals who have license and reasons to buy or adopt big cats as domestic animals can keep them. Keeping big cats without prior training can be a threat to your life and the society. Bobcats and lynx are two big cats which can actually be kept as pets. Keeping other big cats as pets is a rare and professional decision.


Various big cats:

Smaller amongst the non-domestic ‘big cats’ -

bobcats 4Bobcats – They are native to North America and are abundant in nature. They can survive in different habitats like forests, swamps, deserts technically and hence they can even thrive to survive in urban areas provided various factors are taken into consideration.
Bobcats are known for their good hunting skills and they can engulf and feed on preys double and even triple of their size. If you want to start keeping big cats as pets then bobcats must be the preferred pet to start with as they are technically thought to be the easiest to keep as pets amongst the other big cats.
Wild bob cats are quiet unfriendly. However, if you adopt a bob cat from its baby hood then they will turn to be your most loyal friend. They will require special vets that are accustomed with wild species and shall be fed with raw meat and other important dietary supplements.

Servals – Servals have a cat like face and a cheetah like skin coat. They are native to Africa where they can hide in Servalstall bushes and grasses. They are almost two feet in height and weigh about 45 pounds. The servals love to stay near water and hide themselves often.
Servals are also known to make different sounds with high pitches and vocalizations and will sometimes cry with a very high pitch to call other servals. Intelligence and cunningness are the trademarks of servals. They eat whatever raw is available to them like – birds, rodents, insects, fish, frogs and other vertebrates.
If you think of keeping servals as pets, then you must make a very tall fence (of approximately 14 feet or higher) as they are highly active and agile jumpers. Ensure that they have enough space to roam about (at least 5 mile area). A pool of water shall be a boon to them. Therefore, these big cats can only be kept as pets by those who own a very huge open space.

LynxLynx – Lynx are thought to be one of the most loyal feline pets if you care for them right from their babyhood. Baby lynx should be kept in their own small homes and should be bottle fed at least for the first ten days. Slowly as they grow up, they can be fed with cat foods available in the market or they can be fed raw food mixed together in the right quantity. The food shall contain chicken, liver, boiled eggs, red meat, cooked cereals and various other dietary supplements.


Caring For Bobcats and Lynx:

         • Bobcats and lynx are often thought to be aggressive, but they are actually a bit shy creatures that will hide themselves from unknown persons and creatures.

         • Big cats often sleep for long duration (approximately eighteen hours) and have few hours of activity and that’s how they are designed, so they shall be given ample time to rest and be provided with comfortable beds and blankets.

         • They should be well trained since childhood so that they know where to litter and how to clean up themselves. These cats should never be disturbed when they are grooming up themselves.

         • These big cats survive on fresh meat diet. Hence, efforts should be made to provide them with raw meat, poultry products and other dietary requirements rather than commercially available packed cat foods as they are not actually as natural as they promise to be.

        • Kittens should be fed with milk in bottles and you should spend as much time with these kittens as possible. This is the right stage when the kittens get attached to you and become your life long loyal friends.

Bigger amongst the non-domestic ‘big cats’

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, and Cougar – One amongst millions perhaps may aspire to keep these ‘big cats’ as pets. More than big cats, they are actually wild creatures and meant to be in their natural habitat. It’s not only dangerous but it’s inhuman and illegal to keep these pets with you. These animals are mostly endangered and hence they are protected by the respective state agencies within their natural habitats and are prohibited to trade. However, if you really have feelings for these animals, you can contribute for their raising through donations.

Lions in captivity – It’s not affordable to keep lions in captivity. The mortality rate of a cub is 80% till 2 years of age. The cubs depend highly on mother’s food and milk and they need to be nourished by fresh meat. However, Lionsthese cubs do not have teeth till two years and hence the meat needs to be smashed (raw form) and then fed to them. Hence, they rely on their mother for food. Males do not care for their cubs. As the animal ages, no packed foods and dietary supplements will give complete nourishment to them. They rely on freshly caught preys (either you feed them or they will catch their own). Lions can become loyal if they are cared since childhood, however, it may turn into an enemy without any prior notice. You should never keep lions as pets if you have human kids at your home. Lions possess an extreme threat to you, your family members and the society.

Lions can be bought from sites or owners conducting pet auctions or from private owners who have been raising lions. You of course require very high skills and knowledge to handle them.


Where to Buy:

In order to buy big cats like bob cats and lynx, you should be aware of the state agencies that deal with such animals and contact them if you are ready to adopt one. These agencies can register your farms and give you the allowance to raise some of the big cats.

Tigers 6You need to book these cats at a very early period than their breeding season in order to own them. The breeding season is generally from February to March and you can expect the kittens by mid of June.
The big cats (except lynx and bobcats) can be kept in captivity till 15 years after which they ought to be sent to the jungle or wildlife for keeping yourself and your neighborhood safe.



Different big cats (in their babyhood stage) will approximately cost:-

• Canadian lynx kittens – $1750 to $2000
• Northwest bobcats kittens – $1750 to $1950
• Servals – $2000 to $3500

Ultimately the aim should never be to keep these pets for your own desire or making a recognition in the society but to help protect these animals from natural and human hunters and to provide them with shelter and care.

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Big Cat For in Texas

January 24, 2014

bigger unique cats 1Individuals, who like big cats, think about having their own big, unique cat at home, such as tigers, tigers, cougars, and even multiple cats like the Savannah Cat. However, very few can get their own cat. This is mostly due to the point that a lot of individuals just don’t understand that there are, actually, unique big cats on the sale right here in the Texas. The following content will emphasize some of the top catteries and cat collie breeders of unique big cat in the Texas, and putting a little light on buying, and looking after for the big cat.

Different Big Cats for Sale

Many people do keep big cats like bobcats, tigers, and tigers as creatures. Tigers are amazingly simple and affordable to buy as creatures. This means anyone can own a huge highly effective carnivore whether or not they are prepared to effectively take good care of them. Pet tigers have been engaged in several deaths and mauling in the Texas. However, even more pet tigers and other big kitties are getting ignored, misused, or given up to sanctuaries when their entrepreneurs cannot take good care of them. I am certain that there are some owners of big kitties who go out of their bobcats 11way to offer appropriate real estate and diet and have no problems, but there are plenty of others who are very misdirected in their expectations and capability to offer the appropriate care. Case in point: the man in Harlem who brought up a pet competition in his residence. Properly looking after for big kitties take so high cost. Some pet agencies reports that the yearly costs of keeping a big cat run about 8,000 USD (including food, vet expenses, and medications), a portion of the approximated 94,000 USD it costs to set up appropriate management for the pet. If you’re not sure if you can manage one of the bigger unique cats, you can check the big kitties on the market on the” Cat on sale” websites. They are centered in Texas, California, and take excellent pleasure in increasing their cats with love and passion. You can take a look at their available litters and even buy one of their lovely, unique kittens and cats.

Where to Find Them

There some good websites to check out unique big cat on the market and they can serve you as you want. They provide Africa servals, bobcats, caracals, wasteland lynxes, and forest kitties. Browse their site to learn more about their interesting creatures, and even buy a cat from a future trash. They are centered in Texas. Another excellent cattery to examine out is Marechal Cats. They are collie breeders for unique multiple, big unique cat types such as chaussies, savannahs, bengals, and opera kitties. They are centered in Charleston, Western Va, and not only take appropriate proper care in reproduction and increasing their cats, they also deliver them anywhere in the navigator U.S., so obtaining one of their kitties is simple.

Tigers 1However, before you decide to have a fascinating big cat, you will need to do a lot of analysis on how to effectively take good care of a fascinating cat. You have to know about their unique diet plans, unique attention, and lots of free space to let them wander and play. The Internet makes it readily available for the people to avail the big kitties on the market, so being accountable when purchasing one is very important. After you’ve done your analysis, and you feel you are ready, Take a look of the websites who are providing information on raising cats, as they not only offer these kitties, but they offer so many useful tips and concepts for growing a healthy pet.

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Penguins for Sale – How to Buy a Penguin

November 22, 2013

Keeping penguins as pets is becoming an emerging trend in many countries. You might be mistaken if you still think that how can penguins be kept away from the North Pole or the South Pole? But, the fact is that, penguins which are domesticated are bred in such a way that they can withstand temperatures that are little higher than the polar conditions, but too hot weather can prove to be fatal. However, it should be kept in mind that penguins are endangered species and hence are illegal to sell. So, if you buy a penguin, you buy it on your own risk.


Types of Penguins That May Be Kept As a Pet

There are generally four kinds of penguins that can be actually kept as a pet. Rest of the others mostly fail to adjust themselves in an abrupt environment. The following are the four penguins that can be kept as a pet –

FPenguins for Sale - How to Buy a Penguin kidairy Penguin – They are also called as little penguins and are usually not more than 34 cm in height and are bluish in shade. They weigh around 3 pounds and use their flippers for swimming. They are diurnal and love to spend most of their time in water. They eat fish, squids and other small sea fauna. These penguins can live in pairs or in isolated colonies. Fairy penguins have an average life span of about 8 years.

Fairy Penguins (wingless) – These are the same as fairy penguins except for the fact that they are wingless and can no longer take flight. That is, their flippers are cut a little so that they do not spend much of their time in water.

Emperor penguins – These penguins have a white colored body with shades of black on the head and the flippers and slight yellowish tinge surrounding the black head. They are the tallest amongst all penguins and are about 125 cm in height and weigh about 25 to 45 kg. These types of penguins can live up to 20 years in an artificial environment as well. They live in an extremely cold environment of about -40°C, so you actually need a refrigerator (or probably something more than that) kind of environment to keep these species as pets.
African Penguin – They have a height of about 3.3 m and weigh about 3 kg. They feed on fishes and live in burrows and under rocks. They are one amongst the rarest penguin for sale species to be kept as a pet.


Care and Attention for Penguins

Penguins for Sale - How to Buy a Penguin couplePenguins should be kept in a cold environment (that does not mean that they should be frozen into ice). There should be a constant supply of fresh water fishes and fresh water as well. Along with fresh water fishes, they should be regularly fed with various vitamin supplements for good health.

Different breeds of penguin require different environmental conditions for their survival. They should be kept at adequate temperature, moisture conditions and vegetation relevant to their species. Many species (in fact most of them) cannot live in a country that have extreme climatic variations throughout the year. You need a giant as well as a cold artificial habitat for their survival. The cost of this artificial habitat shall stand $6,000 to $10,000. The habitat shall be imitated just like a zoo where they are kept as a protected species.

Very important fact about penguins is that, penguins always live together. A single penguin cannot live for long. So, you need to have a good budget and a big room for these birds to be kept as a pet.

Penguins are quiet smart and are human friendly. They do not remain in water whole day, so you can pet the penguin easily in other environments as well.

Penguins for Sale - How to Buy a Penguin celebrity

Jessica Alba Walking her Pet Penguin

While it is quiet illegal to sell penguins in most countries, still some people have taken efforts to give these poor fellows a friendly environment to live in. However, you need a special permit to keep these pets at your place after proving that you can feed these creatures well and keep them in a good atmosphere which includes a cold habitat and an appropriate salt-water environment.

Some of the sites which sell penguins online are –

You may also adopt a penguin if you are really very eager to keep penguins as a pet; the link to site is given below-

This site provides users to pay for these penguins and they are kept in good environment conditions and taken care of. Your penguin is marked and you can come to visit your pet anytime and play with them. Adoption is far a better method than buying a penguin and planning to put an artificial environment for it. Adoption is a good choice both from finance and ethics point of view.

 Penguins for Sale - How to Buy a Penguin baby

What Will Be The Cost?                

Cost of penguins varies from species to species. The average cost for most popular domesticated species are as follows.

Fairy penguins – $956 to $1000

Fairy penguins (wingless) – $950 to $995

Emperor penguins – $1100

It may be a better idea to adopt a penguin, which will cost you about $500 or so.

Penguins for Sale - How to Buy a Penguin boy

Madagascar Boy and his African Penguin pet & Dog

Thus, penguins are the most distinct species to be kept as a pet. However, very few people in this world can afford to keep penguins as pets. Even if you can spend about 10,000 bucks in buying a set of 10 penguins and making an artificial environment for another 10,000 – you still need to feed them every day with dozen of fishes and water animals which will cost you minimum of about $150+ daily. So, it is better to adopt a penguin which is a onetime investment (and then a small yearly fee) if you are so in love to keep penguins as pet. The people who will look after your penguin are trained professionals who will keep your penguin healthy and safe, and of course in an appropriate environment. Knowing, to the fact that keeping penguins is illegal, you buy a set of penguin at your own risk and make sure that you have enough bank balance before taking these creatures as your property!

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